Ham Ho

Ham Ho is a three-kilometer segment of river flowing across the dense forests and rocks at the foot of a mountain in Tay Phu Commune of Tay Son District, about 55km far from Quy Nhon.

      The river as plenty of fish especially during the flood season. Schools of fish jump up amid the spume over a rapid as if they are flying. 

      Legends say they are racing in the river and those jumping over the rapid will become dragons. Thus, Ham ho is also known as Vu Mon, or the Flying Fish Cataract. At this section the river is 30km wide and on its bed lie a multitude of colorful granite rocks. At one side of the river stand a cliff covered by moss. Further on is a rock lying in the middle of the river.The rock has the form of a crocodile lying amid the spume from the water  hitting the rock.

      Because of the strangle looking of the rocks along the river, local people gave them various names according to their imagination: the Jar, the Giant’s Footprint, the Fairy’s Chessboard,etc…

      Ham Ho used to be a camp of the Tay Son army, a hideout of Mai Xuan Thuong’s guerrillas in the 18th century.

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